The ONLY Hair Tool Guide You Need

by FHI Heat August 09, 2021 8 min read

The ONLY Hair Tool Guide You Need

While the term “one size fits all” might work for headphones or scarves, you need a more personalized plan when it comes to your hair. This starts with the type of tools you use and the way that you use them. Use too high of a temperature for your hair type, and you risk burning your locks. But if you don’t have enough heat, you will not create the curls you are going for. At FHI Heat, we believe that using the right tools and products for the job is imperative. With the technology of hair tools constantly changing, we have brought together some of the best tools around, no matter what your hair type.

Although you may wish you had left science class behind, understanding the science behind hair tools will help you to do what is best for your hair. Here are the key things you need to know: 

Ionic Technology


Ionic technology uses the science of positively and negatively charged ions to create the styles you are looking for in your hair. Your hair naturally has a charge of positive ions, and this could lead to frizz and other problems. Frizz happens when the cuticle is unsealed. By using a tool with ionic technology, you can use the air itself to help you manage your hair. Ionic technology seals the cuticle with every pass, giving you a sleek look. Besides creating the look you want, the negative ions break up water molecules, which makes for a faster drying time. Additionally, when the negative ions close the hair cuticle, it locks in moisture to leave your hair hydrated and revitalized.


Titanium, one of the strongest elements found in nature, is also very quick to heat up and holds its heat well. This makes it a great tool for very thick, curly, or stubborn hair because it has the heat-retention and power to stand up to your curly locks. Because of its extreme heat, make sure to use a heat protectant.


Ceramic is different from titanium in that tools can be used on any type of hair, as the ceramic barrels feature ionic technology with negatively charged ions that will react with your hair’s positive ions to lock in moisture in your hair. Ceramic products can use a broad range of temperatures, allowing you to find the right temperature for your hair type. Because of these features, ceramic tools tend to protect your hair more than titanium. 


Tourmaline is the newest technology to hit hair tools, and its claim to fame is that it can produce up to six times the negative ions of ceramic tools. These tools operate in the same way as ceramic, but will generally offer you better, glossier results. If you do not want to break the bank on a tourmaline product, consider one that is mixed with ceramic to get the best of both worlds.


Hair Types


Now that you understand the science behind hair tools let’s get to the intricacies of how to match up tools to your hair type. There are four major types of hair. 

Type 1-Straight

Type 2- Wavy

Type 3- Curly

Type 4- Coiled (also referred to by hair experts as textured or kinky)

And within each of these four categories, your hair is also graded from A to C. A is very fine, and C is very coarse.


Each type of hair (and subcategory) requires different tools, heat settings, and techniques to create a beautiful look. In general, the straighter and finer your hair is, the lower the heat setting. The curlier and coarser the hair, the more heat is needed to create the look you want.

Now, Let’s Get Into It:  

Straight Hair 

Straight hair is beautiful and sleek, and there are a few tips that will make it look its best. Straight hair results from round hair follicles. In general, straight hair is more greasy than other hair types, because scalp oil travels quickly down the hair shaft. Type 1A, hair that is very straight and very thin, is a special case that needs to be treated with great gentleness.

At the heart of any hair care regime is a great curling iron. If you have straight hair, (especially type 1A), the Bounce Pro Curler is for you and can be used whether it is fine or coarse straight hair. It’s the best curling iron for fine hair because of the materials it uses. With three layers of baked ceramic to keep the frizz away, and FHI Heat’s rapitek heater, which distributes heat evenly, you will also marvel at its high-speed heat recovery. For straight hair, use the iron at 250 degrees for best results. If your straight hair is on the coarse side, bump it up to 300, but don’t go much higher than that or you risk damaging your hair. The same would hold true if you are using a straightener, although your hair is probably straight enough already.

Another great tool to try if your hair is straight and you feel like you want something to add to your beauty arsenal is the Platform Stylus Pro Heated Brush. It offers you sturdy nylon teeth that will easily detangle your hair without further damage while pumping out some heat to easily style it. Along with brushing your hair out, this tool will let your flip, straighten, curl, or add more volume to your hair, all with the flick of your wrist.

Many women with straight hair are looking for a little more volume, and this is where High Altitude Root Lift Spray comes into play. This light spray will not be weighty or stiff, but will add a lift and volume to your straight locks. FHI Heat offers other products like Pump it Up Express Serum which will add volume to your straight hair, without weighing it down or making it greasy.

Wavy Hair


The protein structure of your hair determines if it is straight, wavy, or curly. Your hair is considered wavy if your hair fibers gravitate towards the oval. This means your hair is more round, but the oval shape makes the hair follicles twist toward the others, making it wavy. Wavy hair tends to have more volume than straight hair, but you also need to deal with your hair’s propensity towards frizziness. 

To eliminate frizz, begin with the Blow out Handle Less dryer, which will give you more control, and the hair dryer diffuser will help you lock in moisture and eliminate the frizz. The twin fan DC motor will dry faster than other tools, and with three heat settings you should start with the low heat if you have wavy hair. Experts recommend turning off the heat and pushing it back to cool when your hair is 90% dry to further hydrate your hair and avoid frizz.

If you have wavy hair to start with, this is the perfect set up to create beautiful beach waves. Use our Plus Curve Pro Styler for edge-to-edge ceramic heat with an even temperature and strong heat recovery. The 3 layers of ceramic plates have floating plates for a better grip, and the tourmaline produces ionic technology that will lock in moisture. Whether using a styler or curler, you should keep the heat between 300-350 degrees if you have wavy hair. Start at the low end and see how your hair responds, and then bump it up a bit if you need more power.

Our Shine Express Mist will add shine to your hair without added weight and will keep your hair protected from the heat you use to style it. The powder-based formula avoids making your hair more greasy, and this hair mist also helps seal your hair cuticle to avoid flyaways.

Curly Hair

With so many twists and turns in your curly hair, and more tightly packed oval follicles, you need to keep it moisturized to make it easier to deal with. With natural volume, curly hair is easy to style, but one drawback is that it has a tendency to frizz. The key to natural, voluminous curly hair is to keep it hydrated.

The 1900 Nano Lite Pro Hair Dryer has the diffuser you need to manage your curly locks. The tourmaline ceramic technology will also reduce your drying time by 50% so that you risk less damage to your hair. Tourmaline is important because it creates more negative ions to stand up to your curly hair. This has everything you need to keep your curly hair in check, as it reduces frizz while locking in moisture.

Curly hair is more susceptible to drying, damage, and tangling, so use this leave-in formula to help you detangle and condition your hair and help it to retain moisture. With its ability to balance porosity and even out your drying time, this equalizes your hair’s ability to hold in moisture while protecting it from heat or brush damage and breaking. Since your curly hair needs higher heat to create the styles you crave, this protective primer is a necessity.

The Platform Ti Luster uses the strong, heat-holding titanium barrel infused with magnesium to give you the best in negative ions, ensuring that you can have shinier, healthier curls with less frizz. This is perfect for curly hair and thick hair, as it has the power to stand up to your mane and give you some control. The magnesium helps it to heat up more quickly and transfer the heat to your hair. With its adjustable LED temperature settings and your curly hair, you will want to be in the 350-400 degree range to style your hair the way you want. Use a higher heat setting on your curler as well.

Kinky/Coiled/Textured Hair


Textured coiled hair takes your curls to new levels. If your hair fibers are a flat oval, your hair will result in squiggles, and you will have a lot of great volume and style to your hair. The key is to keep it moisturized and understand which tools work best with your coils.

The Ti Sleek Titanium Pro Styler is perfect if you consider your hair to be stubborn, and the tourmaline-infused with magnesium heats up faster and creates silkier results. The effortless glide and the styler’s quick recovery after each pass allows you to make fewer passes. You will need to use a higher heat setting, around 400 degrees, to create the straight shiny look you are going for, and the strength of titanium makes it perfect for the job.

Our Satin Finish Conditioning Treatment will keep the life in your curls with its silk protein and hydrolyzed silk, which works to your hair’s cortex and strengthens your hair while preventing flyaways and frizz. Other serums and oils just sit on the top of your head, but this penetrating formula works deep into your mane, leaving your hair more conditioned and hydrated.

When drying, a diffuser attachment is going to be your most trusted companion. You can buy the best blowdryer for curly hair, but without the diffuser, your locks aren’t going to shine the way you want them to. FHI Heat dryers come with this attachment to give you the option to dry without blowing your coils into full frizz mode. Using a diffuser will help you maintain the integrity and shape of your strands while you get a nice dry.

When it comes to a hairbrush, especially when you are dealing with wet hair, the UNbrush Detangling Hair Brush is the best brush for curly hair, and will detangle without causing further damage to your hair. This is especially effective on kinky hair, which you should always brush wet to avoid breakage. With its soft-flex bristles and vented style, you will avoid pulling and breaking your hair, and cut your drying time in half while keeping your hair both manageable and healthy. 

FHI Heat has channeled the marvels of science to create the best possible tools for any hair type, and if you consider your hair type rather than a “one size fits all” approach, you will be well on your way to healthy, shiny, and hydrated hair. If you have fine or straight hair, stick with cooler temperatures to avoid breaking or damaging your hair follicles. If your hair is curly or coarse, bump up the heat to stand up to the density in your hair. In any case, make sure to use FHI Heat’s myriad of products to protect your hair from the heat while bringing out the hydration and shine. Both art and science will come together to create a beautiful head of hair!

FHI Heat
FHI Heat

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