Difference between Titanium Tools vs Tourmaline & Ceramic-Coated Tools

by FHI Heat March 29, 2021 4 min read

Difference between Titanium Tools vs Tourmaline & Ceramic-Coated Tools

The Difference between Titanium Tools vs Tourmaline & Ceramic-Coated Tools

As someone once said, “Invest in your hair. It is the crown you never take off.” As stylists, you know how important it is to keep that crown looking fresh and fantastic. Stylists and clients alike have, at one time or another, dealt with hair that just didn’t want to behave. But hair straighteners and dryers can go a long way in taming your mane. In a world filled with choices, which tools should you use to make your client’s hair sleek, shiny, and top-notch? There are definite differences between titanium and ceramic-coated tools, and you need to make sure you use the right tool for your job.

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Tourmaline Ceramic Tools: Best for fine, thin, straight, or wavy hair

Ceramic flat irons themselves heat slowly, from the inside out. Ceramic tools use infrared technology to heat your hair, also from the inside out, which is more gentle for hair, especially for those with more finely textured hair. The negative ions neutralize and balance the hair. With smooth cuticles, you need half of the straightening time and will get twice as much smooth in your hair.

 FHI offers a few dynamic tools with tourmaline ceramic technology. Our Platform Signature Pro Styler is for all types of hair. This will give your clients a straight look with less worry about high heat problems. This is a good choice for a tool that will not interrupt the natural curl pattern of the hair. The tourmaline helps to stop frizz and helps to seal in moisture so your hair will look its best. Our Platform Bounce Pro Curler is also great for all hair types, and a good choice for daily use. This will heat hair slowly and give your clients the curls they crave, without so much danger of heat.


Titanium Tools: Best for stubborn, coarse, thick, or curly hair

Titanium tools, on the other hand, heat the surface of your hair shaft and do it more quickly than ceramic. This is great for stylists and their need for speed and turnover. Titanium is lighter, so sometimes people think they need more passes through the hair to achieve the straightening, but that is not really true, especially if you know what you are doing. Titanium tools offer silky and shiny hair. The lighter touch feels better while you do it, and this is great for stubborn, coarse, and thick hair. 

Our titanium tools will heat up in a hurry and help your coarse, thick hair stay under control. Our Platform TI Sleek Titanium Pro is the flat iron you need if you usually have trouble taming your client’s thick mane. With a little finesse and a careful eye, this fast-heating flat iron will have your hair smooth and controlled in a hurry.

Platform Luster is the curling iron that is perfect if you have thick or hard to curl hair. Its titanium barrel is infused with magnesium to help it heat up quickly and take control of the hair. If your client has dense hair and you are trying to curl it, Platform Luster will help your cause.


What About Hair That Is Fine AndCurly?

We recommend Titanium tools for thicker hair or curly hair because the plates heat up more quickly than ceramic, making them ideal for controlling the locks. If your client’s hair is that rare combination of fine and curly, we suggest opting for ceramic tools. They will maintain the health of the hair while still being powerful enough to get the job done.

Healthy Dryers 

When it comes to hairdryers, technology has advanced astronomically in recent years. Negative-ion technology helps to break up water particles, which makes them faster to get rid of, therefore cutting drying time substantially - and ideal for stylists! Moisture-locking negative ions reduce frizz, lock in moisture, repel humidity and static, reduce drying time by 50%

Our Platform 1900 Nano Lite Pro Hair Dryer tourmaline ceramic and reduces the drying time by 50%. Ditch the frizz and find sleeker smoother hair with our model.

Heat Help

Because heat can damage your hair, there are a few tips that we advise in order for you to protect your client’s hair. Follow the steps below to have the best possible results:

  • Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner with a heat protectant.
  • Use a protecting agent.

 No matter which choice you ultimately make for your client’s hair, it is wise to know the difference between ceramic tools and titanium. If you have a steady hand and a need for speed, titanium products will tame your hard-to-manage hair. If you’re dealing with hair that is finer and you have a bit more patience, the tourmaline ceramic tools will offer the sleek look your client wants with a little less risk. Our tourmaline ceramic hair dryers will set you up for success with a 50% faster drying time before you get your curling products started.


FHI Heat
FHI Heat

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