Say Goodbye To Hair Damage

Neo Bond Professional Hair Protection System

During coloring, bleaching, or any other chemical services, the disulfide bonds that hold proteins together are broken. Once this internal structural change occurs, hair can become dry, porous, frizzy, brittle, and ultimately weak. 

Neo Bond creates new bonds and reconnects existing ones, resulting in enhanced elasticity, increased strength, and overall improved health.

Neo Bond 3 Step In Salon Professional System with home maintenance can be used in combination with all chemical services to prevent damage before it even begins.

What is Neo Bond?

How does Neo Bond work?


Bio-Shield is a natural protective technology that counters disulfide bonds by deeply penetrating into the hair shaft and wrapping around the surface.

With Neo Bond’s innovative delivery system, products are able to penetrate deeper into the hair cortex, creating greater results while still adding protection and suppleness.


Magnolol/Honokiol  Delivers smoothing properties and gives hair softness and elasticity
Soy IsoFlavones  Provides added nourishment, improves hair condition
Morinda Citrifolia Natural antioxidant that helps protect the integrity of hair
N-acetyl-L-cysteine Creates bonds and protects hair
Phytoceramide A rice derivative that establishes a protective shield around the hair shaft

Beyond the Natural Active Complex, Neo Bond contains an amino acid blend with moisturizing and strengthening properties which contributes to keeping the hair hydrated, ultimately healing damaged areas.