Best Ways To Make Money As An Affiliate

by FHI Heat April 06, 2021 5 min read

Best Ways To Make Money As An Affiliate

Let’s face it, a stylist’s work is never done. Between the cuttings and colorings, the cleaning and the prepping, the marketing and social media use, you are always on your feet and in action. Unfortunately, that leaves little time for making extra money, especially when you are tired after full days and weeks at the salon. Well, as the old saying goes, it's time to work smarter, not harder. What if you could make money in a passive way while you were busy enjoying your day job with your clients? Affiliate marketing is the tool you need, and FHI Heat is the perfect partner. They have great products that you would be happy to recommend to your clients, and they make the process so easy.


FHI Heat offers a commission program called the Pro Commission Program. Once you sign up, you can share the link for FHI Heat products to all your social media avenues, and any time your clients, friends, family, or followers order something, you get a 30% commission. It sounds easy… because it is easy! Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn extra cash because of the low overhead costs, the fact that you don’t have to store the merchandise in your salon, and because it is very flexible. There are a few tricks to make your affiliate marketing work better.


Identify Your Customer

Try to envision who you are speaking with when you attempt to make sales. Who is in your network that is likely to purchase an FHI Heat product? In your posts, make sure to cater to these niche groups of people by speaking their language. You can also attract others by using niche hashtags within your post. Rather than #dryer (which is very broad), you might get better traction by using #ceramicdryer.


Create a Clear Call to Action

Consider your call to action and make it very specific for your audience. You can tweak the wording depending on where you are posting it, but basically you want a positive message that will get your clients interested in clicking on your affiliate link.


Highlight Amazing Photos

Using photos of your clients will be an easy and fun way to showcase your beautiful clients, as well as the FHI Heat products. It will also be easy to quickly explain which FHI Heat products would help your customers create a certain look at home, and with the hometown models your social media clientele will be more apt to invest both their time and their money.


Use Your Personal Website

The best place to start is to start with what you know, on your own personal website. Putting your affiliate link in the flag at the top of your website is a great way to showcase the affiliate program. From this website you can showcase certain products or tools from FHI Heat that would get your clients interested.


Flourish with Facebook

Facebook is another great way to showcase your affiliate links, and you don’t have to buy an ad to do it. The key is trust. Once your clients trust you and the marketing you are doing on Facebook, they are more likely to click on your links. By clicking on the FHI Heat links you post, your clients will be able to learn about the fantastic products and will be more apt to purchase them, and get you the 30%. This in turn will lead to more word of mouth and more sales. Keep in mind that Facebook posts with 40 characters or less tend to get the most engagement, so keep your post short, succinct, and sweet! If you can’t fit your post into 40 characters, stay under 14 words.


Utilize Instagram

You probably already have an Instagram presence, so use it to help your bottom line. There are three ways to make sales on Instagram: Your post, your story, and your bio. If you have over 10K followers, you can create stories that you can add links to. However, if you don’t have that many followers, the best practice is to put the link in your bio and create posts/stories that tell your followers that you have your ‘special link’ (affiliate link) in your bio.


When you post pictures on Instagram, you’ll create brand awareness when people interact with the pictures. This familiarity with the FHI Heat products will also gain your client’s trust and the likelihood for them to purchase more in the future. The ideal length for an Instagram caption is around 150 characters.



If you have a TikTok pro account, you can add a link to your bio. However, if you don’t, TikTok is a fantastic way to create viral videos that lead people to your Instagram page. TikTok users love to watch quick tutorials. Using your skills as a stylist, it’s advisable to create hair tutorials for TikTok that you can use to post on other platforms, create brand awareness, and lead people to your affiliate link! 


Create an Email Blast

As a stylist, you probably have the email addresses for your clients, and if you do, a simple email blast is an excellent way to get the word out about your affiliate marketing. This is another way that you can highlight some of your beautiful clients and their hairstyles, while also linking to the tools you and your clients can use to create the looks.


But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are some stylists who are already experiencing great success with our Pro Commission Program:


"I have been using FHI tools for over a decade. As a Salon Owner, I’m frequently asked what the best flat iron is and I always recommend FHI Heat. I don’t retail tools in the salon but now that FHI Heat has the Pro Commission Program, I’m able to recommend my favorite tools to my clients and friends and get commission on the sales. There’s always free shipping on US orders and I don’t have to keep inventory inside the salon! I’m able to make a 30% commission on all the sales and my clients can get the best tools on the market from a reputable source. I can’t thank FHI Heat enough for introducing the Pro Commission Program!" - Amanda Lynn Bellinder


"I LOVE the FHI Pro Commission Program because it allows me to sell the professional styling tools I love, without having to purchase inventory and store them. I am able to sell my customers quality products without the hassle of shipping them and maintaining inventory. It's phenomenal!" - Mercedes D. Brooks


Affiliate marketing is a passive way to make extra money for things you are already doing. With a few

strategic moves, you can make your regular social media posts earn you extra cash, and sell the FHI

Heat products that you believe in. This is a win-win for your clients and your bottom line. Give us a call today

to set yourself up for success!

FHI Heat
FHI Heat

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