Why Your Dryer Type Matters!

by FHI Heat October 12, 2023 3 min read

Why Your Dryer Type Matters!

As we gear up for fall and winter in 2023, it's time to equip ourselves with the tools and techniques needed to satisfy our clients' needs and wants. And to be honest, some of our own. In this guide, we'll explore the upcoming trends your clients will be asking for and introduce you to the essential styling companions – the FHI Heat dryers. 

We’ll start by sayingThe Retro Dryer will definitely look the chicest at your styling station (and its compact, so it travels well!), but there are so many incredible dryers to dive into.



Oh and before we get into that, this pumpkin spice (or cowgirl red) is SO in right now. And when you’re styling hair with color, you want to be as protective as possible. Luckily, FHI Heat designs with hair health in mind, every time. Now, let’s get into it.

Style 1: Face-Framing Layers (Like, a lot of them)


Get ready to bring back those iconic face-framing layers, reminiscent of Rachel from Friends, as they make a triumphant return. This is one of those cuts that looks fresh right out of the salon, and can flop at home. So suggest a great dryer and a round brush for your client to bring home. If you are part of the Pro Commission Program, you can earn some cash on the side!

The Dryer you’ll need:The 2200 Accelerate Speed Dryer

The 2200 Accelerate Speed Dryer is your go-to choice for crafting these layers. Its advanced brushless (BLDC) motor ensures quick yet gentle drying, minimizing heat damage. With this dryer, you'll achieve stunning layers with a lustrous shine while saving valuable styling time for daily perfection.

Style 2: Slick Waves

Prepare to channel your clients' inner off-duty models with the sleek and glossy allure of slick waves. Achieving that polished, slicked-back effect requires precision, and for drying, it's all about control, especially with a diffuser in hand. This dryer will serve you in so many other ways as a stylist as well.

The Dryer you’ll need:The Handleless Dryer

The Handleless Dryer is your ultimate tool for mastering slick waves. Its unique handle+barrel combo allows you to maintain the perfect angle for creating those crisp fall waves. With this dryer, you'll have impeccable control over your styling, ensuring your clients leave your salon looking effortlessly glamorous.

Style 3: The Side Part (only BIGGER)



We never thought we’d see the day but the side part is back and bigger than ever. This sideswept look is going to be everywhere, and we even saw Kylie Jenner rocking it recently at a fashion show!

The dryer you’ll need: The Handless Dryer

This is another look where control matters, so The Handless Dryer works like a dream! What you want is volume so you can get that big arch. Blowing forward and upwards will do the trick. You can also use the Nano Pro Dryer as it’s super lightweight and also allows for that type of ease of control. This dryer works well with every hair type.

Style 4: The Butterfly Bob


The butterfly bob, a shorter spin on the viral sensation, is set to steal the spotlight. To execute this chic look flawlessly, you'll need a dryer that not only dries thoroughly but also minimizes damage and adds a touch of shine to keep those short butterfly locks frizz-free.

The dryer you’ll need:The Platform Nano Dryer

This dryer is your trusted ally for the butterfly bob transformation. It offers gentle yet thorough drying, preparing your clients' short locks for styling with a curler or hot brush. Bid adieu to frizz and welcome a sleek, stylish butterfly bob that will leave your clients speechless.

Style 5: Voluminous Bun


As we approach the winter season, the voluminous bun becomes the ultimate statement look for special occasions. And you know that your loyal clients will be coming to you or asking you to come to them to turn these party looks into a reality for them.

The dryer you’ll need: Something mobile

All of the above dryers would actually be suitable for a pre-styling dry. But if you’re traveling or heading to the client, you need something that suits those needs. For when you’re on the move,The Flirt is your compact, lightweight, and power-packed choice. Its dual voltage DC motor and ergonomic design make it ideal for on-the-go styling. If you’re going abroad and you want the dryer to have universal voltage, theDigital Global Pro Dryer is for you!

FHI Heat
FHI Heat

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