Beyond The Ordinary: Techniques For Crafting Texture, Volume, and Movement

by FHI Heat September 26, 2023 3 min read

Beyond The Ordinary: Techniques For Crafting Texture, Volume, and Movement

As a hairstylist, your expertise lies in transforming hair into stunning works of art. To truly elevate your craft, it's essential to master advanced styling techniques that bring texture, volume, and movement to your clients' hairdos. In this guide, we'll explore invaluable tips and introduce you to FHI Heat Pro's arsenal of cutting-edge tools designed to help you achieve breathtaking results.

Unlocking Volume with Precision: The Platform Blowout Handle-less Dryer

Voluminous hair is a timeless trend that never goes out of style. When seeking to add volume, the choice of your dryer really matters significantly. The Platform Blowout Handle-less Dryer from FHI Heat Pro stands out as an exceptional tool to achieve this goal. Its innovative design combines the nozzle and handle of a traditional dryer, offering unparalleled control and ease during styling.

The handle-less design not only reduces wrist strain but also enhances precision, enabling you to achieve the perfect angles necessary for creating volume (including the dry-forward method while keeping your client comfortable). Powered by professional tourmaline ceramic heat technology, this dryer evenly dries hair with reduced drying time by up to 50%. The result is hair that boasts maximum negative ions, sealing the cuticle, locking in essential moisture, and reducing frizz and static electricity.

Tip: Use the Platform Blowout Handle-less Dryer with STYLUS thermal hair care products for optimal results. This combination protects hair and maximizes styling benefits, ensuring your clients leave the salon with voluminous, radiant hair.

Sculpting Texture and Movement: Curlers, Blowout Brushes, and The Waver


Texture and movement breathe life into hair, making it appear dynamic and full of energy. There are several techniques and tools you can employ to achieve these effects.

Curling: Utilizing curlers, especially ceramic ones, can add dimension and texture to the hair. Ceramic curlers are ideal for thin hair as they distribute heat evenly, minimizing the risk of damage. Creating curls that frame the face or cascade down the back can enhance movement and create a visually appealing texture.

Blowout Brushes: A blowout brush is a hairstylist's secret weapon for adding movement and shape. By brushing hair under and out while blow-drying, you can create a natural-looking volume that exudes elegance.

The Waver:


For a more distinct texture, The Waver is a game-changer. This tool is designed to create deep waves, beach waves, or crimped waves with ease. The tourmaline ceramic barrels with HydraHeat™ Technology seal the cuticle, resulting in luminous, long-lasting waves suitable for all hair types.

Achieving Sleek Volume: The Curve


The pursuit of a sleek, straight look that doesn't compromise on volume ends with The Curve by FHI Heat Pro. This uniquely designed straightener features a curved shape that fits perfectly in your hand, providing both comfort and the ability to add curvature to the hair while straightening. The plates are infused with tourmaline ceramic and magnesium, ensuring instant moisture lock-in.

With an instant heat-up range from 265°F to 450°F, The Curve accommodates all hair types. Its versatility allows for smoothing, curling, and waving hair in half the time, making it an essential tool in your salon's styling arsenal.

The Power of Products

Enhancing your styling techniques with the right products can make all the difference in achieving texture, volume, and movement that lasts. We offer a range of products designed to work harmoniously with their tools:

Pump It Up Express Blowout Serum: This flexible serum accelerates blow-dry time while providing body-building properties. It increases round brush tension without stickiness or flaking, resulting in effortless styling and restyling. Mix and match with other Stylus hair care products to create a customized recipe for various hair types and textures.

High Altitude Root Lift Spray: Elevate your clients' hair to new heights with this unique liquid root lift spray. It delivers incredible lift and volume at the roots while maintaining soft and natural control throughout the hair. The weightless spray can be applied at the base for root lift or all over for additional volume.

Full Blown Volumizing Mousse: For a blowout that combines smooth glide with maximum volume and body, reach for this volumizing mousse. Its lightweight and rich formula leaves hair fuller and touchable, without the crunchiness associated with traditional mousses. The memory control formula ensures long-lasting fullness and volume.

By integrating these products into your styling routine, you'll enhance your ability to create stunning looks that embody texture, volume, and movement.

As a stylist, it’s paramount to have the tools at your disposal that you need to create the looks you’ve created in your mind. With our tools, you have the means to create unforgettable hair experiences for your clients. From voluminous blowouts to textured waves and sleek, volumized looks, your styling possibilities are limitless.

FHI Heat
FHI Heat

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