Tips For Drying Hair Faster

by FHI Heat January 05, 2021 3 min read

Tips For Drying Hair Faster

Working as a hairstylist means living out your creative dream, but it also takes a lot of hard work. Aside from the obvious practice and precision it takes to perfect the craft, running a business (whether you are on staff at a salon, running a salon, or working independently) is challenging. Client retention is key to building success, and so is turnover. You want a lot of happy people coming in and out of those salon doors.

What often gets in the way is an overbooked day or getting that dreaded, ultra-dissatisfied client. Even if you aced the style or cut, they continue to demand alterations and bleed into the client's time following them. It has the potential to mess up the entire day’s schedule. This is, unfortunately, part of the gig. However, you can plan for time crunches by speeding up simple elements of the process.

In this article, we’ve outlined some tips on how to blowdry hair faster. These easy small changes can make all the difference.

Always Condition

It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning that every time you shampoo a client, you must also condition. You might not be aware that conditioning the hair actually repels water while locking in moisture. The silicone in the product both coats and seals each strand. It’s a step you most likely won’t ever skip anyhow, but now you know how it might help you!

Lightly Towel Dry

It would be best for the salon to invest in microfiber towels as regular ones can cause frizz, while might bother your client later. Use the towel when you move your client from the shampoo station to the chair to soak up the heavy excess water.

Make Sure You Have The Right Tools

This is, by far, the most important tip. You need to be working with an excellent professional-grade dryer. Look for considerable wattage, safe and lasting materials, ergonomic design, brushless motor, negative ion technology, and a lightweight feel. All FHI Heat dryers fit the bill, but the one we love at the moment is the Platform BlowoutHand-Less Hair Dryer. This tool achieves precise results and blown beauty in a snap!

Use A Blowout Serum

Want your client leaving excited about their hair? A blowout serum speeds up a client’s drying time and gives a mini-lift to the look and feel of their strands. Pump It Up Express Blowout Serum is a flexible formula that accelerates blowdry time and increases round brush tension without stickiness or flaking. With body-building properties and a lightweight texture, this serum creates fullness and body.

Rough Dry

Rough dry before styling. Cover as much surface area as possible with your dryer and make sure the locks are 60-70% dry before you pick up that round brush. This will help you save so much time, and the style will hold firmer on pre-dried strands.

Use A Ceramic Brush

Always make sure your styling brush is ceramic. A ceramic brush is effective in conducting heat properly, which means that it’s ideal for blowdrying styling and efficient for time management. The Ceramic Boar Bristle Brush was built for longevity and features a professional blend of anti-static coated nylon and boar bristles that glide effortlessly through the hair, reducing frizz and producing incredible shine.

Dry In Sections And Start At The Root

Most stylists know that sectioning the hair is a fundamental part of drying. For styling purposes, this is crucial. However, it’s also a far more efficient way to dry the locks rather than attempting to tackle the entire mane at once. Also, starting at the roots will save you time because the ends dry quickly on their own.

Style Visible Hair First

Rather than starting from the back of the head, style the visible pieces first. This is tactical because while you might want to put your whole heart into each strand as you style, your schedule might force you to do otherwise. A client is far more likely to request correcting if the visible strands look off.

Finish Off With A Cool Setting

Once you are done styling, add finisher. And, if you have a few moments to spare, finish off with a burst of cold air. The cool button comes in handy because it sets the style. This will help lock in the look and give it a smooth touch. When the style lasts, the client is more likely to come back the next time they want a cut or blowout!

FHI Heat
FHI Heat

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