How To Make Some Extra Cash When Your Client Asks For Bangs

by FHI Heat April 22, 2021 4 min read

How To Make Some Extra Cash When Your Client Asks For Bangs

Bangs are back! Of course, you know this already, but you may need a little time to convince your favorite clients to take the plunge into the world of bangs. This is where your expertise and client relationship come into play. Before you suggest bangs, you need to think about your client’s lifestyle, whether she has time to style them, and if you might be picking her up off the floor in a panic if she decides to go through with it. Curtain bangs are big this year, as well as the side-swept look, fringe bangs, and any look that gives a nod to the bangs of the 1970s. Ultimately bangs are her decision, but you can (gently) push her in the right direction by showing her how flattering these bangs can look on her face type and give her the knowledge to style them at home.

If you are a stylist who is part of the FHI Heat Pro Commission program, you can make a little extra cash while you style! Either suggest products to your client so that they can maintain their bangs, or make a post on social media educating your followers about these products!

Square Face

The name of the game for a square-faced client is to help her soften her face. One way to do this is to choose long bangs that hit below the eyebrows. The sides can be heavier with a little wispy action in the middle to let some forehead peak through. An A-frame look will also be flattering for a client who has a square face.

You will need to have a client with patience if you want her to style these long bangs, as it will take a little bit of time. One key tip to offer her for success is that she will need to blow dry with a Boar Bristle Brush. This dryer will help her avoid frizz.  Remind her not to use any other heat tools as they could deaden her bangs.

Round Face

In order to avoid your client’s face looking fuller, help her by adding fringe bangs that will flatter the line of her facial bones. Thick bangs that follow the shape of her bones will make the most impressive impact. Sweeping the fringe to the side is another great way to elongate a round face.

This style of bangs will not take too long to master, especially if you help your client find quality products to use. Teach your client to use this Mini Flat Iron to style this feathery fringe and top it all off with a little light-hold hairspraythat will keep the fringe in place. 

Heart-Shaped Face

If your client has a heart-shaped face, her look may appear a bit top-heavy. To combat this, a side-swept bangs look will be the most flattering. Try feathered, layered bangs that are shortest at the eyebrow arch and longest at outer eye level. Or you could also advise her to go with crescent bangs (thank you 1970’s!). These will be feathery with slightly more length at the outside and shorter in the middle.

With feathered bangs, you can again use a flat iron. You could recommend the Elite Flat Iron if she travels a lot, as its universal cord will simplify things immensely. This look should be fairly easy to master, even for bang beginners.


Oval Face

If your client has an oval-shaped face, remind her she won the lottery, as a wide variety of bangs will flatter her face! That being said, try bangs that fall between her brow and eyelash with a bit more length on the sides. This way, you can teach her how to sweep them to the side or wear them straight down with a part. Another flattering look for oval faces is to cut soft blunted bangs that go straight across. 

This look will take some patience and time. Train your curtain bangs to fall evenly on each side as you blow-dry. Using this styling gelwill definitely help the cause and help her to get her bangs to lay correctly. Additionally, make sure you remind her to do the bangs first. A styler like this titanium collection gem will help smooth everything out.

Long Face

For clients who have a long face, and naturally a higher forehead, you will want to create the illusion or frame that keeps people’s eyes focused on their inner facial features. Angled side bangs are the perfect way to do this.

This client will benefit from a quick tutorial with a paddle brush and a reminder not to over-style these bangs. The paddle brush will help train her bangs to stay where they belong and using this hairspray will help the rest of the way.

You know as a stylist that part of your job is helping your clients to appreciate and positively accentuate the skin they are in. By cutting a flattering bang shape to match her face, you are doing just that. But don’t send your clients home alone to figure it out. They need some stellar products and a little teaching to get her to create fabulous bangs in the comfort of her own home.


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