Sheer Remedy Liquid Satin Treatment - 2 oz

What It Is: 

An alcohol free liquid satin treatment serum that protects and restores dull hair with the power of silk protein and silk amino acid base. Reduces frizz and provides brilliant shine to all hair types. All Stylus haircare products are specially formulated to work hand-in-hand with each product while being able to style and restyle using thermal tools and provide maximum protection when styling hair. 

Why It’s Different:

  • Silk Protein & Silk Amino Base: Penetrates deeply into the hair cortex and surface of the hair to provide strength and smoothness
  • Resilience: Serum provides flexibility, smoothness and shine for maximum styling capabilities

How To Use: 

  • Apply on wet/damp hair before blow drying
  • Apply to dry hair to finish the look and tame frizz/flyaways
  • Layer with other Stylus haircare products for maximum styling benefits