Pump It Up Express Blow Out Serum - 1.75 oz

What It Is: 

An express blow out serum that consists of a flexible formula, accelerates blow dry time, and increases round brush tension without stickiness or flaking. With body-building properties and a lightweight texture, this serum creates fullness in the hair and effortless styling or restyling. All Stylus haircare products are specially formulated to work hand-in-hand with each product while being able to style and restyle using thermal tools and provide maximum protection when styling hair. 

Why It’s Different:

  • Glaze-like texture increases round brush glide and provides proper tension
  • Lightweight serum makes hair appear thicker and fuller
  • Ease of round brushing increases speed, reducing the dry time up to 50%
  • Memory-Locking: Effortless styling and restyling

How To Use: 

  • Customize volume by mixing with other “RED” stylus haircare products to create a unique recipe to cater to any hair type and texture
  • Layer with other Stylus haircare products for maximum styling benefits