The Master Guide to Flat Iron Temperature!

by FHI Heat November 21, 2023 5 min read

The Master Guide to Flat Iron Temperature!

Welcome, fellow hairstylists, to the ultimate guide on mastering flat iron temperatures. In this comprehensive manual, we'll delve into the world of flat ironing, explore the nuances of precise temperature control, and equip you with the knowledge to achieve salon-quality results for your clients.

Temperature Control: Your Styling Arsenal

Let's begin with your essential tool for achieving the perfect hairstyle – temperature control. Understanding the right temperature for different hair types is your ticket to unlocking stunning results.

  • 450°F: Ideal for very thick and stubborn hair types, ensuring a flawless finish.
  • 370°F - 410°F: Perfect for coarse or textured hair, gradually increase temperature until you achieve your desired look.
  • 350°F - 370°F: Maintain healthy hair for naturally wavy tresses.
  • 330°F - 350°F: The sweet spot for normal hair types that respond well to heat styling.
  • 250°F - 300°F: Fine hair requires less heat; start at the lowest temperature to prevent damage.
  • Below 160°F: Synthetic hair is delicate, so handle with care and start at the lowest setting.

    Choosing the Right Flat Iron for Your Client's Hair


    Now that you're armed with temperature knowledge, let's explore the best flat irons from FHI Heat that align with your clients' unique hair needs.

    For Very Thick and Stubborn Hair (450°F) & Coarse or Textured Hair (370°F - 410°F):

    Recommended Flat Iron: The TI Plus Titanium Styler is the ideal choice in this category. With a temperature range that goes up to 450°F, it can handle even the thickest and most stubborn hair types, ensuring a flawless finish.

    For Naturally Wavy Hair (350°F - 370°F):

    Recommended Flat Iron: The Platform Signature Pro Iron is a great choice. It offers precise temperature control within the recommended range to maintain healthy hair while achieving smooth, straight styles.

    For ‘Normal’ Hair (330°F - 350°F):

    Recommended Flat Iron: The Platform Plus Iron is also an excellent option for normal hair types. Its adjustable temperature settings fall within this range, making it versatile and suitable for everyday styling.

    For Fine Hair (250°F - 300°F):

    Recommended Flat Iron: The Flirt Iron can be adjusted to lower temperature settings, making it suitable for fine hair. Its titanium plates infused with magnesium provide gentle, efficient styling.

    For Synthetic Hair (Below 160°F):

    Recommended Flat Iron: The Platform Signature Pro Iron is a safe choice for synthetic hair. It starts at 140°F, ensuring you stay well below the recommended temperature range for synthetic strands.

    Bonus Iron -The Curve: For when your hair is straight, but you want a bit of a curl!

    The Curve gets its name from its shape. Its beautiful curved design makes it incredibly ergonomic, fitting right to the curve of your hand. The unique curvature of the plates also allows the hair to glide effortlessly - allowing you to smooth, curl or wave hair in half the amount of time.

    The Curve Pro Styling Iron 1inch

    Which irons to use on which clients, and why!

    The Platform Signature Pro Iron: Your Ultimate Styling Companion

    Imagine having a flat iron that's perfect for all hair types and comes in four different sizes. Well, that's the FHI Heat's Platform Signature Pro Iron for you! Oh, and guess what? Even Queen Bey herself swears by it!

    Platform Signature Styling Iron 1"


    • Triple-Layer Baked Ceramic Plates: These plates, infused with tourmaline, make sure that the heat is evenly distributed, giving your clients' hairstyles that lasting perfection.
    • HydraHeat™ Technology: Say goodbye to those pesky frizz and static issues. Thanks to this nifty moisture-sealing technology, humidity won't stand a chance.
    • Temperature Control: Whether you're working on fine locks or thick tresses, this iron's got you covered with a temperature range from 140°F to 450°F.
    • Professional Swivel Cord: And let's not forget the freedom and flexibility you get with the 12ft cord. No more feeling tethered to one spot!

    The Platform Plus Iron: Your Versatile Styling Buddy

    If you're the kind of stylist who loves to create a variety of looks, the Platform Plus Curve 1" Pro Styling Iron is your secret weapon.


    • Beveled, Floating Plates: Switching between straight and curly styles is a breeze.
    • Ceramic Heater: The FHI ceramic heater ensures that you get a consistent temperature and speedy heat recovery.
    • Cool-Touch Tip: Styling should always be safe and easy.
    • Universal Voltage: For the globetrotting stylist in you.
    • 2-Year Warranty: Quality and durability are non-negotiable here.

    The TI Plus Titanium Styler: Taming the Toughest Hair

    For those clients with hair that doesn't like to behave, the Platform Ti Sleek Titanium Pro Styler is your superhero.



    • Titanium Plates with Magnesium Infusion: Swift heating and smooth results are what you can expect.
    • Moisture-Locking Negative Ions: Keep that hair hydrated and healthy.
    • LED Temperature Settings: Get precise control up to 450°F.
    • Effortless Glide: Fewer passes mean less damage.
    • Universal Voltage: Styling, no matter where you are in the world.

    The Flirt Soulmate: Shine and Health in One

    For those who want to add shine and keep their hair healthy, the Flirt Soulmate Styling Iron is your secret weapon.

    Flirt Soulmate Styling Iron 1 Inch


    • Negative Ion Technology: Say hello to moisture-locked, humidity-repelling, and brilliantly shiny hair.
    • Beveled Floating Plates: Go from sleek straight to stunning waves with ease.
    • Far-Infrared: Gentle heat for the healthiest hair.
    • Universal Voltage: Perfect for on-the-go styling.

      Some things to keep in mind while you are styling:


      • Adjust Temperature Wisely: Always start with the lowest effective temperature and increase it gradually if needed to protect your client's hair.
      • Prioritize Thermal Protection: Use a thermal protectant product before styling to shield the hair.
      • Find Your Perfect Temperature: Tailor the temperature to suit your client's hair type and style goals.
      • Synthetic Hair Caution: Synthetic strands are delicate, so handle them with care and start at the lowest temperature.
      • Precision Styling: Use precise temperature control to achieve your desired look while minimizing heat exposure.

        Embracing FHI Heat's Pro Commission Program: Monetize Your Expertise

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        • No Inventory Hassles: FHI Heat handles all inventory, fulfillment, and shipping.
        • Easy Tracking: Monitor sales, referred orders, commissions, and payments via your personal dashboard.

        By educating your clients through social media and sharing your expertise on flat iron temperatures, you not only provide them with valuable insights but also create opportunities for them to purchase FHI Heat products through your affiliate link, earning you a commission with each sale.

        It's easy money without the hassles of inventory management, and it's a win-win for both you and your clients. So, why wait? Sign up for FHI Heat's Pro Commission Program today and start monetizing your expertise while enhancing your clients' hair styling journey.

        FHI Heat
        FHI Heat

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