National Stylist Appreciation Day

by FHI Heat April 21, 2022 4 min read

National Stylist Appreciation Day

The modern hairstylist has come a long way since the early days of the Renaissance when people first started taking their hair care seriously. Our wonderful modern hairstylists who spread joy and creativity as effortlessly as hairspray have evolved over centuries to be people we trust, people who teach us, and people we confide in. Unbelievably, in the early centuries of hairstyling, all hairstylists were barbers who also doubled as surgeons and priests. As the years have progressed, our stylists have become more like teachers, therapists, and life coaches, who also happen to give us a fabulous cut and color along the way!

Here is the shortlist of what our beloved stylists do for us (plus read on to see how you can WIN a $1000 worth of FHI Heat tools and products):

Treat us to therapy and a great haircut

Hairstylists are the original time saver, offering us a great haircut, as well as someone who will listen and sympathize with all of our ups and downs. In the time it takes to deliver a quality haircut, we also feel the value of a listening ear.  There is just something about plopping into our stylists’ chair that brings a sense of calm. Stylists do not judge. They do not nitpick. They are masters of listening with a sympathetic ear. For many modern women, this is the only place on earth where we can drop our guard and just be. For that, we are truly grateful. 

Make the dream a reality

Our favorite stylist really knows how to make some magic. In no other place in our lives can we come in with a vague idea (or a precise idea for that matter) of exactly what we want, and have someone deliver. Our hairstylists listen and can take our ideas for our hair and make them happen. This magical ability will set us up for success in other aspects of our lives and gives us the confidence to try to make our dreams come true in other venues as well.


Build our confidence

And speaking of magic, our hairstylists have the uncanny ability to build our confidence, whether with an angled cut that makes our eyes pop, or a seemingly offhand comment that makes us see the world differently. Who knew one pair of shears and the ability to use them could make such a difference!? Our fave stylists give us advice on how to use our hair to our advantage, how to style it for casual or formal occasions, and how to keep it looking beautiful all day long! 

Teach us the tricks of the trade

Hairstylists are teachers. Since they take pride in their work, they want us to be able to go out into the world and replicate the style they have created. In order to do so, they are very generous with their tips and tricks that they share. Whether teaching us the correct brush to use or how to hold the hairdryer for the best blowout, these natural-born teachers are patient and proud of us when we master a new skill! And since they work with products and hair types all day long, they can give us the lowdown on what will work for us, saving us the hassle and money of trying the wrong thing.

Know us through the years

When we find a great stylist, we keep him or her. Therefore, they stand the test of time with us through the years, even as other friends and family members may come and go. They are there for the good news like weddings and births and job promotions. They are there for the bad news like deaths and break-ups and friend problems. And anytime life throws us a curveball, they will help us catch it. With a long-standing relationship like this one comes trust, and we can count on them to tell us the truth of how to cut and color our hair as we age, and what styles or ideas will look good for us.

Share their lives and advice with us on social media

Even though they spend all day giving of their time, expertise, and teaching tips, our favorite stylists still invite us into their social media world to give us even more great ideas and to share their light and life with us. Whether on Instagram, Facebook, or the salon’s website, we cherish these pictures of our stylists having fun, using new products, or just living their best everyday life. 

Although finding a great stylist is the kind of gift we should appreciate EVERY day, April 25 is the national day set aside to honor our secret keepers, our cheerleaders, and our magic-makers. Let’s remember our fave hair stylists and thank them for all of the ways they have enriched our lives through the years.


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Eligibility of this Giveaway:

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