Learn TikTok Hair Trends Your Clients Will Love

by FHI Heat November 14, 2022 4 min read

Learn TikTok Hair Trends Your Clients Will Love

As the weather cools and darkness falls earlier, your clients will no-doubt be looking for a pick-me-up. And you are the perfect person to offer them something fabulous for the fall! From new cuts to fall-inspired colors, help your clients deal with the changing of the seasons in style. FHI Heat is here with cutting edge products and tools that will get the job done, and you can be the maker of the magic for your favorite customers. Not only will you give them a cut or color they absolutely love, but you can also send them home with the FHI Heat tools and products that will create the looks they crave, and gain yourself some commission in the process through our FHI Heat Pro Commission program. 

Hair Color

Link to user: trailertrashallie

When it comes to fall hair colors, the sky’s the limit. Well maybe not the actual sky, but all of the colors of the leaves that are high above your head. This fall’s Tik Tok trends tell the story of deep hues inspired by fall, and your clients can choose from a wide variety. The deep, rich tones of red velvet cake are a game changer, and mahogany and copper glow are also big for fall. If your client is a little more avant-garde, they may gravitate toward the two-toned neon color popular on Tik Tok right now, or dip-dyed ends. No matter what, there are many ways you can help your client achieve the color of their dreams.

Butterfly Cut

Link to user: sarahsaleen

Odds are that your clients heard about the butterfly cut in the summer, and trust us: it is here to stay. As a combination of the 1970s shag and the 1990s “Rachel,” it also gives the nod to contemporary bodacious blowouts. Talk about the best of the best and a perfect combination! Your clients will be asking for heavy layers with short layers on the top. These bear a resemblance to butterfly wings, and are blended through to those on the bottom. The long layers will be just around the shoulders, and your clients will love the texture and movement throughout.

When it comes time to style the Butterfly Cut, reach for The Curve Pro Styling Iron, which is an ergonomic dream and will style the cut well. With wide tourmaline ceramic plates that fit perfectly in your hand, our technology will seal the cuticle for your client and leave their hair smooth and shiny. Not bad for a butterfly! 

Curtain Bangs

Link to user: kayli.boyle

If your client has not jumped on the bandwagon of curtain bangs yet, now is the time. These shaggy, face-framing bangs will work with a variety of styles. Known as the gateway to bangs, these are both easy-going and stylish, and can be dressed up or down depending on your client’s needs.

If you want curtain bangs that look polished and professional, The Polisher Pro Air Drying Brush will do the trick. ItsPlasma Ionic Technology produces a plethora of negative ions that lock in moisture, and this tool will leave your client’s hair shiny and smooth. Finish the look with our Stay Styled Variable Hold Dry Hair Spray - 10 oz, which will allow for face-framing curtain bangs that last all day.

90’s Blended Layers

Link to user: hairby_chrissy

If you have a client who loves her layers, one impressive look that is trending now are the 90’s blended layers. This classic style features long, blended layers to offer maximum movement, and are blended around the face to add a flattering shape to sculpt your cheekbones and jawline. You will help your client’s beautiful features stand out by giving her this cut. This is the perfect cut if she are interested in a bombshell blowout, and you can use our tools with your client to create it.

There is nothing better for your blended layers than creating deep waves, and The Waver Pro Dual Barrel Waver is the tool for the job. Featuring two 1” barrels, our tourmaline ceramic and 

HydraHeat™ Technology will seal the cuticle and create gorgeous, vibrant, long-lasting waves.

Wolf Cut

Link to user: daniellemarcan

The Wolf Cut is still all the rage for fall, with its modern take on the shag haircut. This look offers a myriad of short layers with a heavier bang, and as you know, even your clients with flat, fine hair will find texture and volume with this cut. Your clients will be begging for these shaggy layers and wispy bangs, and you can even offer them curtain bangs with this cut.

With our Platform Ti Luster Titanium Pro Curler - 1”, your client will enjoy a barrel infused with magnesium that will heat up quicker and leave your hair silky and smooth as it transfers the heat so quickly.This is especially good for thick or hard to curl hair.

Octopus Cut

Link to user: nunzionyc

Although possibly new to some of your clients, the Octopus Cut is big for fall, and another ideation of the shag. By combining the long layers of a hybrid wolf cut and a shag, with a hint of grown-out bob, you will be giving your client one of the newest, hip looks.

With 1700 watts of power, The Innovator Pro Power Speed Dryer will be the fastest, lightest, and most powerful hair dryer your client has ever experienced. It can stand up to the job of taming the octopus cut, offering intense moisture and an ergonomic experience.

Our new and improved Pro Commission program takes all the hassle out of selling products, and offers you 20% commission in return. Any time you talk up a product or tool in your chair, you can offer your clients the opportunity to buy it by giving them your special code. Then anytime your client buys something, you will receive 20% commission. The orders are fulfilled from our warehouse and sent right to your clients, so you will not even have to lift a finger. Let FHI Heat be your partner as you set your clients up with beautiful new styles and colors. 

FHI Heat
FHI Heat

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