How To Create These Viral Winter Hair Trends

by FHI Heat January 09, 2024 4 min read

How To Create These Viral Winter Hair Trends


Mastering Winter Hair Trends with FHI Heat Tools

As winter is settling in, it's crucial for salon professionals to stay ahead of the curve with the latest hair trends. Your clients will be looking to you for the hottest styles of the season, and your ability to deliver these looks not only boosts your credibility but also enhances client satisfaction. Our tools are designed to help you achieve these trending styles effortlessly, making them a valuable addition to your salon.


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The UNbrush: The Foundation of Every Trending Style

Start every styling session withThe UNbrush. It's more than just a viral sensation; it's a professional-grade tool essential for detangling and preparing hair for styling. This step is crucial for achieving any sophisticated look your clients desire. Demonstrating its effectiveness can also be a great way to promote sales through thePro Commission Program, adding an extra income stream during these hectic months.

The Innovator Dryer: Speed and Efficiency

The Innovator Dryer stands out in your styling arsenal with its ultralight design and powerful Digital BLDC Motor. It's perfect for creating voluminous and shiny styles quickly and efficiently, a must-have for the busy winter season. Showcasing this tool to clients can encourage in-chair sales, providing them the opportunity to achieve salon-quality results at home.


The Curve: Versatile Styling

The Curve's innovative design is ideal for creating versatile styles - from subtle curves to perfect curls. This tool is a testament to your skill in adapting to various client requests, from sleek straight looks to elegant curls. Utilizing The Curve in your styling routine can also be a great opportunity to demonstrate its versatility to clients, boosting sales through the Pro Commission Program.



The Polisher Drying Brush: A Dual-Action Marvel

The Polisher Drying Brush is a game-changer for any stylist. It combines the functionality of a paddle brush with the power of a blow dryer, streamlining the styling process. This tool is especially useful for achieving smooth, polished looks effortlessly. Demonstrating its use to clients showcases your commitment to innovative styling while also presenting an opportunity to boost sales through the Pro Commission Program. It's an excellent tool for winter styles that require a sleek finish, and showcasing it can enhance both your service and sales.

The Pro Dual Barrel Waver: For Timeless Waves

The Waver is an essential tool for creating a variety of wave styles, from deep, glamorous waves to casual beachy textures. This tool’s versatility makes it ideal for adapting to different client preferences this winter. Using The Waver in your styling sessions not only demonstrates your skill in creating trendy looks but also serves as a great way to encourage clients to purchase it through your Pro Commission link. In a season where waves continue to be a dominant trend, The Waver is an invaluable addition to your professional toolkit.

Trending Winter Looks: A Showcase of Your Expertise

Pamela Anderson Updo

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Emulate her famous bun using The Innovator for drying and The Polisher for smoothing the hair. Once your hair is volumized, go ahead and tease before putting it into a bun, leaving multiple tendrils out. Make sure you have pins to secure the pieces of the bun into place (there are tons of tutorials online as to how ot make this perfect!). Once secure, use The Curve to smooth and add curve to those tendrils for a sexy face frame like Kim K! 

Joining The Wave





The Wave can give you mermaid waves in an instant, depending on how close together you clamp down the strands. And while that’s surprisingly trending for winter this year, using this tool in a different way makes itperfectfor an Old Hollywood look for holiday parties! Clamp your waver down leaving space between each clamp (to create larger waves). Then, use your UNbrush to gently brush them out before applying finisher. This will add volume and glam! 

Tied With A Bow

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Bows are coming back in full-swing this season. Yes, you are about to see them everywhere, adding a touch of class to your look. It’s another great way to enhance a holiday party look! If you want a style that’s low maintenance but still glam, opt for the  low curled ponytail secured with a bow. The key is to keep the scalp smooth, but the ends curled. The best tool for this is undoubtedly The Curve as it lets you both straighten and create curls! 

Leveraging Social Media for Growth and Sales

Social media is a powerful tool for gaining traction and showcasing your expertise. By demonstrating these trending looks and highlighting the use of our tools, you can attract new clients and boost sales. Remember, every tool sold through your social media platforms also contributes to your income through the Pro Commission Program.

Final Thoughts: Enhance your salon’s offerings

This winter, make the most of the busy season by staying on top of trends and utilizing excellent hot tools to elevate your services. Demonstrating these tools and looks not only solidifies your reputation as a top stylist but also opens additional revenue streams through tool sales and social media engagement. Remember, your expertise and choice of tools are key to making this season both profitable and rewarding.

FHI Heat
FHI Heat

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