FHI Heat: 9 Business Practices Every Stylist Should Adopt Right Now

by FHI Heat February 15, 2021 3 min read

FHI Heat: 9 Business Practices Every Stylist Should Adopt Right Now

In the current tumultuous economic world, staying on top of your business is of vital importance. For stylists and salon owners, whose businesses were forced to close in the pandemic, adopting best business practices is of utmost importance to get your businesses back on track and to keep your salon moving in a positive direction. There are many ways you can make positive moves for your business, and the top ideas are listed below.

1. Take care of yourself

The old saying is true: you cannot fill up anyone else’s cup if you do not fill your own first. Although it might not seem like it has much to do with your business life, taking time to sleep, exercise, eat right, and take care of yourself will pay dividends when it comes time to run a business and deal with the public.

2. Sign up for an affiliate program

Business has been tough for stylists during this pandemic, forcing them to think outside the box as far as finding new streams of revenue. Signing up for an affiliate program such as the FHI Heat Pro Commission Program can help you make money in your sleep. The FHI Heat Pro Commission Program allows you to sell FHI Heat products to your family, friends, and social media followers for a big cut of the profit - with no need to purchase any stock!

3. Use quality products

Using quality products will keep your clients coming back for more. These shears will offer you a solid product that gives a great cut to your clients. By using these quality shears you are building a better business, and the clients will come to expect these top of the line services.


4. Market on social media

Build a sense of community through your use of social media. Twitter is especially useful for its immediacy of communication. For instance, if you have a cancelation you can get the word out immediately and avoid the empty space on your calendar. You can also share before and after client pictures on Instagram, tips and tricks for beautiful hair, and any incentives or giveaways with your clients and prospective new clients.

5. Automate to save time

There are several ways to automate to save time (and therefore money.) Let clients book online, and send confirmation reminders the same way. Obviously, you can automate the business side of things with spreadsheets, automated inventory management, as well as sales. Automation can also help in the marketing department, where you can send out emails and information about important parts of your business.

6. Increase retail sales

Everyone knows this is an easy way for stylists to make more money, but you probably don’t realize how impactful small choices can be. Simple lighting and setting the products up in front of mirrors can draw a customer’s eye to the merchandise you are selling and help you to move more products.

7. Retain your clients

Be unique and consistent and make sure what clients know what to expect from you. Whether it is a candy bowl at the front desk or a certain type of hair mist to style your hair after a cut, stick with your traditions to help keep clients happy.  Make sure you exhibit stellar customer service, lean in to communication, and go out of your way to remember little details about your clients. When they feel valued they will continue coming back.

The heart of client retention is the stylist client relationship. To this end, stylists can make follow up calls to see how clients are doing after a service. Another way to maintain clients is by offering a business card with a next service date on it. These little things will help your clients see themselves as important and welcome in your salon.

8. Keep learning

There are several ways to be a lifelong learner that would benefit your clients and your business. In addition to classes on the latest innovations in hair trends and appliances, you can also take business classes to move your salon forward. Finding a personal mentor in the business can also help you learn and grow in a personal way.

9. Be active in the community

Take your role as an influencer seriously. Research shows that people put faith in their hair dresser for health advice and other counseling, so make sure that you are being a voice for positive change. In the community you can support youth baseball teams or make other donations or volunteer work to be part of the solution.

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