Bestsellers: Tools That Sell Out For A Reason

by FHI Heat July 14, 2022 5 min read

Bestsellers: Tools That Sell Out For A Reason

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with your hair and with different tools that will make the most of your luxurious locks. As a stylist, the variety of tools at your disposal can be overwhelming. You might not want to jump on the move to buy a new tool because you aren’t sure of the benefits. But trust us, our best sellers are best sellers for a reason. These are great tools for you to use personally or within your salon. They are also fantastic to purchase as product to stock in your salon, and you can make extra cash selling them through our Pro Comission Program!

No matter how you choose to use these tools, we are going to break down why they are our top selling items so that you can choose the right tool for the job.

The Curve

If you are looking for a tool on the cutting edge, this best seller is perfect for you. The Curve Pro Styling Iron 1” is so-called because of its powerful and beautifully curved ergonomic design, which makes styling a breeze. This is best for straight hair use and offers you the ability to create volume and curl in your hair with an ergonomic design that is easy on your wrist (huge for a stylist!).

The plates of The Curve are curved so the hair will glide effortlessly, which means that you can curl, smooth, or wave the hair in half the time. The Curve is perfect for all hair types, and its HydraHeat™ technology seals in vital moisture, repels humidity, reduces frizz, and helps eliminate static. This is perfect for summer when the humidity can run rampant! Our ceramic plates take it one step further with smoothing tourmaline and magnesium, to lock in moisture and leave your hair healthy and hydrated. In addition to that, Our RapidTek™ technology heats up from 265°F to 450°F in 10 seconds, making it ideal for all hair types! Edge to Edge FHI Ceramic Heater offers even temperature and high-speed heat recovery for flawless styling, all while fitting more easily into your hand than normal styling irons.

Ti Luster Titanium Pro Curler

If you are working with thick or hard-to-curl hair, the Ti Luster Titanium Pro Curler is for you! This is the perfect tool to create bouncy long-lasting waves, and the Pro Curler will stand up to the body the hair already has.

Featuring a titanium barrel infused with magnesium to heat up quickly and transfer heat to the hair, this curler provides silky and smooth results. With 20% more surface area so that you can deal with more hair at a time, our moisture-locking negative ions will serve to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Adjustable LED temperature settings from 265°F to 450°F will ensure that you are using exactly the right amount of heat.

When you enjoy the attributes of our Ti Luster Titanium Pro Curler, the results will give you silky and smooth hair that is hydrated and full of life.

2200 Accelerate BLDC Motor Dryer

If you are working with normal-to-fine hair, look no further than the 2200 Accelerate BLDC Motor Dryer. Designed to last dramatically longer and to be both lightweight and powerful, our advanced brushless (BLDC) motor will help you to achieve stunning results with ultimate shine and condition!

Featuring our HydraHeat™ interior for even heat distribution with moisture-locking negative ions that seal in vital moisture, repel humidity, reduce frizz and help eliminate static, the 2200 Accelerate is a hair dryer whose middle name is POWER. The best part is that along with the power, this tool is slim and low-noise/low-vibration, so it won’t disrupt your life or your fellow colleagues, and it is easy to use with its 4-step switch and locking cool switch to protect your finger from cramping. It is a sharp-looking tool as well, available in Matte Midnight Blue.

For results that bring life to your normal to fine hair with the utmost shine, try the 2200 Accelerate today!

2100 Digital Global Pro Dryer

Last but certainly not least, if you are looking for innovative technology which will offer you the exact amount of air and heat you need for your hair, our 2100 Digital Global Pro Dryer is the choice for you. Our Global Pro Dryer is suitable for all hair types and features a high-velocity AC motor and ultra-powerful air flow for quick, long-lasting blowouts that your clients won’t stop talking about.

Gadget and tech-savvy users love this product, which combines an ergonomically designed body with the latest innovative technology. With universal voltage, you can take our Global Pro Dryer anywhere for ultimate control as an artist. The digital temperature control with 5 color-coded fan speeds offers heat settings from 99°F to 241°F, which allows you to find the perfect temperature for your hair type and texture.

Available in Black Gloss and ready to travel the world with you, our Global Pro Dryer gives you a long-lasting blowout with the perfect amount of heat. 

The Retro Pro Compact Dryer

If you have clients who like the look of the past but prefer to have state-of-the-art technology when it comes to their hair, you have come to the perfect place.The Retro Pro Compact Dryer is a modern, lightweight dryer with a vintage look, but its powerful motor will remind you that it is definitely entrenched in the modern world. Both you and your clients will love the six airflow speeds, coupled with a cool shot button and a speed-dry nozzle. And our HydraHeat™ Technology seals the cuticle, helping your client to retain their hair’s natural moisture and leaving hair healthy and hydrated. This dryer is perfect for your customers who have normal to fine hair.

Platform Signature Pro Stylers

If you are ready to help your clients create beautiful curls, look no further than our Platform Signature Pro Styler Collection. As a stylist, you probably already know that barrel size determines curl size, and the larger the barrel, the looser the curls. What you might not know already is that our Platform Signature Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Styler can do it all. These stylers feature three layers of baked ceramic plates that are infused with tourmaline, and they support even heat distribution throughout the style, so you can do it all for your clients.

At FHI Heat, we have four different sizes of stylers so that everyone will have something that creates just the look they are going for. If you want to create a look with tight curls, or your clients have very short hair, try ourPlatform Signature Pro Styler - ½” or thePlatform Signature Pro Styler - 1”. As these stylers create a tighter curl, they will also repel humidity, reduce frizz, and seal in vital moisture. If your client is interested in a beach wave or a looser look, thePlatform Signature Pro Styler - 1 ¼” orPlatform Signature Pro Styler - 1 ¾ will help you give them what they are looking for. Our stylers work on all types of hair, and this is a good chance to talk to your clients and see exactly what type of curl they are going for. With four different barrel sizes to play with, the sky’s the limit.

Try one today and see what FHI Heat customers around the globe already know. Our tools offer the finest in technology and power to enhance your already incredible skills as a stylist. 

Not only are they amazing, but they are on SALE as well! Enjoy 25% OFF these bestsellers and more from now until Tuesday, 7/19.
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