Appreciate Yourself This Women’s Day

by Milan Nguyen March 08, 2023 3 min read

Appreciate Yourself This Women’s Day

As women, we are expected to do it all and look the part 24/7. But in a month dedicated to celebrating women, it is definitely time to celebrate self-care and self-appreciation.Especiallyfor women in the styling world.

With all that you do for others, FHI Heat knows that it is time to slow down and let yourself be pampered for once. This article isn’t about what tools you should bring to the chair, it’s about the tools you should get foryourself.

As a hairdresser, you know that our tools are technologically advanced, our products are made from cutting-edge ingredients, and our entire line of products is the perfect way to pamper your hair. 

The Hair Care You Deserve

Shine Express Mist_Stylus Hair Care

Protecting your hair comes first, always. OurThermal Protectant Hair Care line of products will hydrate, protect, beautiful, and hold your hair. There is a product for every need, and they all work together beautifully to give you luxurious locks. 

OurSatin Finish Conditioning Treatment is perfect to prep your hair for drying. With silk protein and hydrolyzed silk, it will penetrate your hair’s cortex deeply and strengthen, repair, and smooth with a weightless penetration that won’t weigh you down. Use damp hair before blow drying to take advantage of its repairing benefits. You can also use it on dry hair to tame the flyaways. 


Blow Them Away

The Innovator Dryer



Something about a blowout just gives us that feeling that we can conquer the world. And if there is one tool that FHI Heat takes seriously, it is our blow dryers. With a full line of top-of-the-linehair dryers, there is something for everyone. With our dedication to technology, we are always looking for the best in the business. 

One of our favorite dryers that would definitely ramp up your self-care routine isThe Pro Power Speed Dryer. This is the lightest, fastest, and more powerful dryer from our Innovation Collection! Our Digital BLDC Motor works together seamlessly with the ergonomic features to offer decreased style time and infuse moisture into your hair with every pass. HydraHeat™ offers moisturized heat to instantly reduce frizz and eliminate static, while the negative ions provide shine and hydration. This means self-care that goes above and beyond!

There are many ways this tool will pamper both you and your environment. Weighing only 10.5 ounces, this will go easy on your arm and make blow drying a breeze. Additionally, it is eco-friendly, with low energy consumption and low EMF Emissions. It is also extremely quiet, making your personal environment more spa-like. The auto-clean system deep cleans the internal components and is built right in. 


High-End Style

The Curve Pro Styling Iron

Of course, the pampering doesn’t end after a great blowout. OurProfessional Styling Irons are technological marvels that will leave your hair looking voluminous, shiny, and gorgeous. One of our favorites isThe Curve Pro Styling Iron. Its beautifully designed curve fits into the curve of your hand, and the plates glide effortlessly, helping you to curl, smooth, or wave your hair in less time. Again, HydraHeat™ technology repels humidity and reduces static, while the ceramic plates infused with smoothing tourmaline and magnesium work to instantly lock in moisture. Our RapidTek™ technology instantly heats up from 265°F to 450°F in 10 seconds, so you can quickly be up and on to better things. 


Next-Level Curls

Platform Bounce Curler


Another technique for pampering yourself is to create a beautiful bundle of curls that cascade around your head. OurProfessional Curling Irons will do the trick. One of the best we offer is ourPlatform Bounce Pro Curler. It comes in 4 versatile sizes and creates long-lasting curls and volume. Tourmaline ceramic baked into three layers produces negative ions, leaving hair shiny and full. Our edge-to-edge ceramic heater offers even heat distribution and high-speed heat recovery to create the curls you love without hassle. 


Beautify With Our Brushes

Ceramic Thermal Brushes

Another way to pamper yourself is by enjoying ourBrush Collection to get silky smooth results every day of the week. We are partial to ourThermal Ceramic Brush, which uses special bristles and heat to create the look you love. Our anti-static wave-shaped bristles increase tension and shine, while our vented round barrel produces negative ions to seal the cuticles. The tourmaline ceramic with magnesium smooths your hair and creates shine. Our soft-touch ergonomic handle makes this easy to use and provides the tension you need to create the hairstyles you love!


On Women’s Day, it is a good time to remember the hard work you do to balance work, family, friends, and everything else that is on your plate. FHI Heat is here to help you create a self-care routine that is second to none.

Milan Nguyen
Milan Nguyen

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