The Grammy Looks Your Clients Will Love

by Milan Nguyen February 08, 2023 4 min read

The Grammy Looks Your Clients Will Love

Sunday night’s Grammy Awards were a true celebration of music, soul, and sass as new categories and old favorites came together to create an amazing night of music and, of course, glamor. Like always, you’ll have clients storming your salon asking for the drooled-over looks they fell in love with on their TV screens. Here are the tools you’ll need to recreate them!

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Addison Rae Waves
Photos Posted by: JustJared Jr.

Addison Rae delivered style in length in what her hairstylist called “chic surfer waves,” we have the tools to help you make your client’s beach wave dreams a reality. Start with dry hair, and prepare to encounter a powerful tool to help you make the waves. Our 
Platform Plus Pro Curve Styler uses floating plates to achieve endless styling possibilities with a quick wrist flip. Our three layers of ceramic plates are infused with tourmaline, producing moisture-locking negative ions that repel humidity, increase shine, and reduce frizz. The Platform Plus Curve 1" Pro Styling Iron features extra beveled, floating plates to achieve endless styling possibilities, from pin-straight strands to curls and beach waves with the flip of a wrist. Perfect for all hair types, pair the Platform Plus Pro Curve Styler - 1 in. with our Stay Put Mega Firm Hold Hair Spray to lock in that look. This provides ultimate support to last all day without being crunchy.

Bebe Rexha’s Retro Shag

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We’re sure you’ve been getting tons of requests for shag cuts. That’s because the shag is back, and unbelievably, so is the Farrah Fawcett-inspired blowout that the 1970s taught us to love. If you are going to spend time on a luxury blowout, set your client’s hair up with Satin Finish Conditioning Treatment. Our silk protein and hydrolyzed silk will penetrate deeply into the cortex of the hair, repairing and strengthening it even as you blow dry. Let this product repair your client’s hair by applying it wet as you start your blow dryer. 

And as blow dryers go, we recommend The Innovator Pro Power Speed Dryer.  Our lightest, fastest, and most powerful hair dryer to date, this dryer’s power will get the job done in no time, giving you more time to get to other customers. With reduced noise and low energy consumption, this is also a winner for salon styling. Use a Ceramic Boar Bristle Brush to curl and over-direct each section to recreate Rexha’s retro blowout look as you dry. 

Beyoncé’s Bodacious Waves

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It was no surprise to anyone that Beyoncé made history with the most awards won by a single artist to date, and even her signature water wave hairstyle was true to form. But she did take it to the next level with warm hues of caramel, dulce de leche, and chocolate browns to create a moment of sheer beauty and the perfect glow that only she could pull off. 

The Waver Pro Dual Barrel Waver is the tool you can use to create this. With HydraHeat™ Technology that seals the cuticle and creates long-lasting waves, you will love how technologically advanced this tool is. Tourmaline Ceramic with Magnesium smooths the hair and eliminates frizz so that your clients can walk the red carpet like Beyoncé. And our edge-to-edge ceramic heater offers even temperature and high-speed heat recovery.


Lizzo’s Luscious Locks

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Lizzo was larger than life at the Grammy’s, and her hair was meant to accentuate her beauty and style for her night in orange on the red carpet. With gorgeous natural curls, her stylist wanted to accentuate some of them to create a more full, gorgeous look for the popular singer. 

For this, our Ti Luster Titanium Pro Curler is going to be your best styling companion. Best for thick or hard-to-curl hair types and sporting a versatile barrel that extends for 20% more surface area for easier styling, this is the perfect tool to magnify and accentuate natural curls.  The moisture-locking negative ions also keep hair healthy and hydrated, so your client’s hair will look healthy and full of life. Our Shine Express Hair Mist would complement this style perfectly, providing shine and gloss without extra weight. 

Fringe Two Ways

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One word: fringe. It’s big this year, from Taylor Swift's fringe to Doja’s Cat's subtle pixie fringe at the awards last week. With or without the midnight tummy-baring dress, many women can wear the bangs and romantic updo that Swift did. To style Swift’s bangs, use our Blow Out Handle-Less Hair Dryer to build volume in your client’s bangs. Our powerful flow will help you dry the bangs in no time, leaving the hair hydrated and full.  

If you are more interested in the short pixie, look that Doja Cat sported, control is the most important need for the look. Our Total Control Styling Gel will keep hair in place without being crunchy or leaving white flakes behind. Dab it generously and then style it easily. 

This guide should help you when your clients come rolling in for their events and hair requests! And don’t forget, it’s great content for socials as well! 

Milan Nguyen
Milan Nguyen

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