Iris Detangling Duo Set

UNbrush Detangling Hair Brush- Iris

Why It Is:

UNbrush® - Lavender gently yet thoroughly extracts knots and tangles from even the most unruly hair, painlessly and effortlessly. Featuring the perfect blend of 105 dual length bristles, combined with an ultralight high performance handle, UNbrush® helps reduce styling time and prevents hair from catching. Great for wet or dry hair.

Why It’s Different:

  • DuoFlex Anti-Static Bristles™ work like magic, for gentle tangle release and reduced breakage
    • 58 long bristles carefully and easily detangle even the most stubborn hair
    • 47 mini bristles gently smooth and polish hair
  • Works equally great on wet and dry hair!
  • Unique backless vented cushion reduces styling time
  • Easy-to-clean design ensures hassle-free maintenance
  • Ultra-light, high performance handle allows for durable flexibility and ease of use - weighs only 1.5 oz!
  • Perfect for women, men, and children!


UNbrush The Knot UNwinder Detangling Spray - 4oz

What It Is:

Our 7-in-1 Detangling Spray detangles even the most unruly hair! With notes of Passion Fruit, Argan, Tsubaki oil your hair will instantly feel smooth and hydrated.

Why It’s Different:

  • Detangle Even the Most UNruly Knots
  • Smooth & Condition
  •  Reduce Breakage 
  • Infuse Moisture
  • Tames Frizz
  • Heat Protection
  • Increase Shine